Classes resume Monday September 11,2023. We offer you new slots and new internships.Note on your calendars :-)!!!

... Teacher, dancer and choreographer. Contemporary dance and her work in various companies have allowed her to live many human and artistic experiences. Throughout her career, the choreographer has mixed and fused the arts that are dear to her, such as dance, theater, music, photography, literature... For Nathalie González, the confrontation of the arts is a source of wealth, development and open mind. Her work is eclectic, this passionate artist has an approach to teaching based on a deep exchange with the student and relies on her ability to create and imagine. HER SOURCES: Nathalie Gonzalez is faithful to the Irène Popard Method, a method that allows the acquisition of body positioning as well as technical and artistic progression adapted to the physiological capacities of each age group. Created by Irène POPARD in 1917, the method is based on the perfect knowledge of the psychomotor development of each one. It is based on the discovery and mastery of one's own body, to move rhythmically in space. Popard's teaching allows you to acquire strength, flexibility, balance and speed. This is thanks to the improvement of relaxation and muscular strengthening techniques. The method adapts to the various currents of expression and dance. It concerns all audiences and is aimed at both amateurs and professionals. This teaching is didactic and values ​​the creativity and inventiveness of all, highlighting the essential points: variety, progression, alternating between work and recovery. The method is a base and an opening to any form of dance.